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Fantastic New Mobile Screen Partitions From E Furniture Store

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Need a portable room divider that folds away when not required?

Meet the Great Divider Screen System

Mobile Room Divider Screen System

Great Dividers are a portable wall system that provides flexibly when dividing a room and providing effective visual and acoustic barriers, and folds away when not required.

Available in two heights, 1810 high and 2438 high. While the most popular version is the blue fabric wall there is also the option of a pair of dry-erase whiteboard wall panels. Fabric panels are pinnable with a soft substrate.

Add-on panels come in hinged pairs measuring 1626 wide. combining the starter kit with up to three add-on panels will give you a mobile wall up to 7500mm long. Simply fold away to a compact unit 900 x 900 for easy storage.

Use Great Dividers:

  • In schools for temporarily dividing classroom space and creating flexible learning areas.
  • In offices to section off work areas or departments and provide noise abatement.
  • In hotels, clubs and airports for directing traffic and setting walkways
  • At art shows for pinning up artwork
  • In multi-use conference areas to deaden noise and provide a visual barrier
  • At indoor building sites to restrict access

In fact anywhere that you need to temporarily divide space with a visual and noise barrier that can simply concertina together and roll away when not in use.

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